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You need to be strong for your life. If back pain is keeping you from training in the box, sitting at work, or it’s painful to even carry your groceries home, help is on the way. Try the 6 tips in our FREE guide - The Back Pain Fix - and start feeling better today.

But not all back pain is created equally. So why should it all be treated the same?

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Ever seen a grown man cry? Back pain can take down even the biggest and strongest among us. Crying is not a sign of weakness - but an aching back pain may be a sign of core weakness or instability. Low back pain is the most predominant musculoskeletal injury and the #1 cause of lost productivity at work. Back pain has also led to an epidemic of opiod painkiller usage and addiction.

Back Pain Got You Sidelined?

There are many causes of back pain

  1. Inactivity
  2. Sitting too much
  3. Poor posture
  4. Improper lifting technique
  5. Footwear
  6. Aging
  7. Inadequate sleeping support

And that's to name just a few. Sometimes, you know exactly why you're having the symptoms you're having. And sometimes, it's not clear why you're having back pain, or what caused it. But it becomes clear - the impact on your life is significant.

Back pain has a way of robbing you blind. Suddenly, the simplest of activities in your daily life become challenging: getting dressed, picking up your bag or purse from the floor, or even simply rolling over in bed. And those things that you really enjoy - like running, biking, playing tennis, lifting in the gym, lifting your kids? They become unimaginable. But it'll just go away, right?

Sound Familiar?

Back pain can sometimes be easy to ignore, until it's impossible to ignore. We often hear "My back goes out 2-3 times a year, for the past 10 years". So, some questions come to mind:

"How long has your pain been going on?"


"What have you done for your pain before now?"

The answers may sound familiar. Many people have been dealing with their back pain for months and years. And what have they done for it? Most often: Nothing. But it stands to reason: If you do Nothing you'll get Nothing. Maybe the pain "wasn't that bad", or it went away on it's own before - but it's just not going away.

What Is This Costing You?

For some, it's the fear of not knowing what it will cost to have your back pain addressed. However, the greater question is - "What is it costing you to not fix it?". What is it costing you in lost sleep, extra days off from work? Is it costing you time away from your family, lost time playing with the kids? Or are you still paying for your gym membership, unable to workout or go to class?

We understand you may be afraid of surgery, or living a life dependent on taking pills. But what if it only took you 5 minutes each day to try one of the tips in The Back Pain Fix? What if one exercise made you feel 10% better? What if you could meet with a Doctor of Physical Therapy and get some questions answered? Aside from our guide, we also offer a free 30-minute "No-Sweat" Discovery Visit to do just that.

Who Is An Urban Athlete?

We help urban athletes move better and improve performance without missing a step.


Who is an urban athlete? It's you: the city-dwelling bootcamp, spinning, running, gym-rat, yoga-lover, CrossFitter or Obstacle Course enthusiast. Sure, you do it to look good, but mostly you do it to feel good and to be strong for your life.

But what do you do when pain or injury derails your training and workouts? Who do you turn to?

MVMT specializes in getting urban athletes back on track. At the heart of our approach is a 1-to-1 treatment philosophy to focus on you and your goals to help you return to doing the things you love.

It Might Be Time

There's no time like the present! Complete the form below to download our FREE guide - The Back Pain Fix. Give it a quick read and start to feel better. Physical Therapy has been shown to be effective in treating back pain, improving your daily function, and getting you back to those things that you enjoy. If you'd like to see if we're a good fit, you may choose to book a free "No-Sweat" Discovery Visit - a 30-minute 1:1 consultation to get to the root of your problem. Or, book an Initial Evaluation with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Contact us at (646) 430-5717 or [email protected]. It's time to start feeling better, get strong for your life, and get back to those things you love doing!

Interested in getting some help with your back pain? Complete this form to download our FREE guide - The Back Pain Fix - and start feeling better today!

Interested in knowing more? Contact us at (646) 430-5717 or [email protected] to discuss booking a free "No-Sweat" Discovery Visit or book an Initial Evaluation.

Download Our Free eBook On How To End Your Back Pain.

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